Off Grid is a design conference converging in Wellington, New Zealand on 20-21 February. Our keynotes speakers are:

Morag Myerscough (UK)
Uwe Brückner (Germany)
Andrew Balster (USA)
Nils Wiberg (Iceland)

With a great list of local speakers.

Off Grid will explore the meaning of experiential design and ways to connect people to place.

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A different kind of conference

Either come to Wellington directly, or start your Off Grid 17 journey via a stopover: Brisbane and Sydney on the 16 February or Christchurch and Auckland on the 17 February – or both. The 18 & 19 February allow you to make an experiential journey of your travels to Wellington, the hub of a two-day programme of events, talks and experiences on the 20– 21 February.

An experiential journey

Meet other participants at Off Grid events run by our partners Dot Dash (Brisbane), Frost*collective (Sydney), DINZ & Alt Group (Auckland) and Te Pūtahi (Christchurch), and visit sites that explore experiential graphic design together. This journey will then fuel the conversation and agenda in Wellington as the city becomes the auditorium and nexus of exploration into how we think about and develop the practice of experience design.