16 Feb



deFrost hosts Off Grid 17 at Frost collective

Join Frost*collective’s Carlo Giannasca, Head of Urbanite and Mark Edwards, co-Head of NestVR to be indulged in a world where the emotional, physical and virtual collide.
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09:00 – 22:00
Wayfinding the Invisible Thread

The Brisbane Stopover is organized by Dotdash and will take you around the city exploring wayfinding and visual communication in the built environment. Join us on our walks and talks with award winning Urban Designers, Architects, Landscape Architects and Wayfinding Strategists.

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17 Feb



DINZ presents: Open Studio at Alt

A unique opportunity to have a sneak peek inside one of New Zealand's best studios and see what goes on behind closed doors.
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Intimate city with Te Pūtahi, Christchurch centre for architecture and city-making.

A live project will examine how one city can be experienced in various ways and from various perspectives: new or old, international or national, visitor or local.
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18–19 Feb


20 Feb



08.30 Arrival at City Gallery, Adam Auditorium
09:15 Welcome by Clive Roux and John Lutz

09.30 Gallipoli and Bug Lab, by Ben Barraud and Clayton McGregor — City Gallery, Adam Auditorium

Te Papa Tongarewa
10.00–12.30 User Centered Design Thinking Workshop: People and Space — with Celeste Skatchill, Chloe Johnston and Sasja Mazurkiewicz
10.00 Gallipoli: The Scale of War — Tour with Ben Barraud and Clayton McGregor (Free)
10.40 Bug Lab – Tour with Ben Barraud and Clayton McGregor ($15)
10.40 Street Art Walk with WOLFE & Bent — Te Papa Foyer
11.30 Street Art Discussion with WOLFE, Bent, Katie Taylor Duke, Hine Moana Sullivan, Andrew Balster — at Play_Station

13.00 Bus to Petone — Laurie Foon
13.30 Lunch Talk with Laurie Foon & Matt Wilson — Seashore Cabaret PYO
14.30 Bus to Wellington

Wellington Museum
15.00 Welcome
15.10 Heritage Buildings and Museums Talk by David Waller & Nick Mouat
15.30 The Attic, Meet the designers with Nick Mouat, John Hardwick Smith and David Waller (The Attic)
15.30 Civic Square and Commons Discussion with Zac Athfield & Sophie Vial (Wellington Museum Boardroom)
15.30 State of Flux: The Brand Story of Four Museums, talk by Tessa Baty (Wellington Museum Flux)
16.30 Ngā Heke: Different Perspectives Tour with Tessa Baty & David Waller
17.00 A Signage Strategy for Wellington talk by Strategy Wellington
17.15 Belonging, keynote talk by Morag Myerscough

18.15 Party at Wellington Museum with music by Sam Forbes & Friends

21 Feb


08:30 Meet at Coffee Shops and Laneways
09.00 Explore the Laneways
09.30 Cable Car to Space Place ($7.50 return)

Space Place
10.00 Welcome Day 2
10.15 Making spaces talk back: Opportunities and dangers of personalising interactive public space, talk by Nils Wiberg
10.45 Keynote talk by Uwe Brückner

12.30 Lunch at Prefab

13.20 Coffee, Wellington and Prefab talk by Jeff Kennedy & Stephen McDougall
13.40 He Tohu: a Declaration, a Treaty, a Petition; talk by Whare Tima, Stephen McDougall, James McLean and Steve La Hood
14.15 Keynote talk by Andrew Balster
15.00 Remarks, with Jeff Kennedy, Whare Tima, Stephen McDougall, Andrew Balster, James McLean and Steve La Hood

15.30 Break

16.00 Walk & Talk with Neil Pardington — Pukeahu National War Memorial Park
16.00 Craft Beer Tasting at Garage Project Cellar Door
16.40 Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial talk by Neil Pardington — Raglan Roast
17.00 Aro Valley talk by Cally O'Neil — Raglan Roast
17.20 You and Experiential Design (Open Mic)

18.00 Party at Laundry, with music by Sam Forbes & Friends

Schedule may be subject to change.
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